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Idle Colonization Tycoon

Space Exo Colony - Meet Xols, a friendly but fierceful alien race with one goal - to colonize entire galaxy!


Become an admiral of alien race Xol and colonize planets across the Galaxy. Choose your strategy in building Energy panels, Oxygen generators or Food farms to make room for more colonists. Hire Astronauts with their unique abilities to counter planet's hostile phenomenons. Unlock researches to gain access to new planets and nuclear technologies.


Save Time - Idle Game

Your aliens work for you even when your phone is off. Put your phone aside and watch the empire grow or just come back after a long day of work to spend all your resources gathered meanwhile!

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Put your aliens to work, gather Oxygen, Food and Energy to make living space for even more alien colonists! Hire best Astronauts to help the aliens and fight the geo and atmospheric dangers of each planet!

Tame and Colonize Planets

Explore Research Technologies

Found copper, iron or even diamonds? Refine it to unlock possibilities. Discover new planets and solar systems to expand your xolony! 

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Иллюстрация_без_названия 66.png

A familiar but very pleasant pattern. Cool graphics. The game is constantly evolving.

@Justyna Just

Fun idel builder game with a twist, been playing for a week now and it's still fun to play

@sollor stance

A good game so far. Excellent implementation regarding language and great updates have arrived. Possibly a better explanation for the leveling up of the colonies.... Food, oxygen and electricity but otherwise very good.

@Franz Kaltenegger

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