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1 day to official release! Space eXo Colony

Hey everyone!

🚀 Just one more day for Space eXo Colony to be officially released! 🚀

That's tomorrow! Tuesday - 22nd of August! 🕔

The game will be available in 5 languages: EN, DE, FR, ES , PL.


In the meantime, I would like to add a few words straight from the heart ❤️ of the developers.

It's been a tough year with some ups and many downs in an economy where small studios like us are extremely vulnerable. ⌛ Vulnerable to the humours of platforms algorithms. 📉 📈 Vulnerable to scammy publisher practices. Vulnerable to the technical problems of large platforms, where some gain and others lose (and cash out) before fixes are implemented. 📊

This month marks exactly two years since we set up the studio. 2️⃣ Two glorious years of overcoming obstacles, learning and making games that we chose to believe in.

🎮 Games that are perpetual companions that don't require your full attention, games that can be easily adapted to a busy lifestyle, games that are fun and provide a sense of fulfilment every time you choose to play them.🎮

We are still here, and all of this is possible thanks to you. You who have supported us and believed in us and our hard work.

From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU! 🙏 😍

We hope you enjoy our new game tomorrow!


Pre-register now and get 300 free crystals on game release:

Get ready to blast off with Space eXo Colony! 🚀✨

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