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3 days to official release! Space eXo Colony

Hey everyone!

🚀 We are thrilled to announce that the Space eXo Colony will be released live on Tuesday - 22nd of August! 🚀

That's exactly in 5 days! 🕔

The game will be available in 5 languages: EN, DE, FR, ES , PL.

The game is currently available for open beta tests in Argentina, Austria, Canada, Indonesia, Norway, Philippines and Poland on Google Play.

For iOS and every other country on Google Play - you can pre-register for the game. 🛰️ We would be happy to include anyone willing in our pre-release beta - feel free to message me if you would like to join! 🛰️


Meanwhile 🚀 Space eXo Colony - version 0.6.0 is here! 🌌

👉 Mother-ship overview - Your mother-ship is now lingering around in the orbit of your current planet. Check it out!

👉 New content - 3 new unique planets and ~60 researches have been added. You can now enjoy 6 planets and over 90 different researches! More to come soon!

👉 Shop and special packs added - You can now remove ads, get permanent bonuses in form of spaceships - which will accompany your mother-ship on both lobby and planet's orbits.

👉 Smelter of appreciation - We've added an additional Smelter of Appreciation that you can get for free in 7 days from installation or appreciate the developers with a price of half of cup of coffee and get it earlier!

👉 Crafting interface improved - Drag and drop is now available! Just drag your chosen recipe across all the slots for very easy set up on crafting!

👉 Research balance changed - 👨‍🔬 Research balance has been corrected 👩‍🔬

👉 Bug Fixes - Lots of fixes and adjustments. 🐛

Click the links below to pre-register now:

The game will receive one more update before the official release on Tuesday! We will keep you updated on all our channels!

Get ready to blast off with Space eXo Colony! 🚀✨

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