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Developer Journal 2

Hey, Captains!

We wanted to give you a sneak peek into what's going on behind the scenes. Just remember that the stuff we're showing you might change a bit before the final release because these are just ideas. We want you to be part of the game's development process.

Reward Calendar

As a way of saying thanks for playing the game, we're gonna have a reward calendar that gives you cool stuff every day you play.

Research Tree

We've been working hard on our research tree, which is still in the development phase. We've made some significant changes and adjustments to it. Not only have we improved the graphics, but we've also focused on balancing it out. The exciting part is that once everything is set, you can unlock new technologies by mining resources like carbon, coal, and diamonds from different planets.

Right now, we're focusing on improving the game's graphics and making sure everything is balanced. We want to release these features when we're confident you'll all love them.

Don't forget to pre-register on Google Play and the App Store to get special rewards and surprises when the game officially launches. Also, we're currently in open beta for players in the Philippines and Poland. If you are not from those countries but interested in participating in the open beta, reach out to Rain at for more info.

Thanks for all the support and for reading our updates. See you in the next one!


FERA Games

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