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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Developer Journal - July

Hey Space lovers!

We are very excited about our recent updates and I’d love to take a moment and encourage you guys to feedback us as much as you like - we want to stay connected with our players and allow you guys to create it with us.

First thing first, we are happy to announce that the game has officially changed its name to Space eXo Colony. No more tongue twisting!

Meanwhile, we are very happy to give you a little sneak peek into what's going on behind the scenes. Just remember that the stuff we're showing you might change a bit before the final release because these are just ideas.

Today’s feature is Crafting!

After introducing Mining into the game, we would like to make a use for all those ores you’ve mined on different planets and allow you guys to craft cool stuff with it that you will later be able to use for coolest Researches out there.

Crafting system is based on different stations - such as smelter, laser cutter, 3d printer and blacksmith. Each of them will allow you to process one resource into different ones. However, as much as we know you guys, it wouldn’t be satisfying enough if it would be just that. We would love you to become the best crafters out there and optimise your processes.

Want to catch up with your stacked resources? Unlock recipes that allow for quick crafting.

Want to queue your afk crafts in a way that will make use of all your idle time in the most optimal way? Get the long time recipes.

Set your production in a way that shows skill and ahead strategic planning

Don't forget to pre-register on Google Play and the App Store to get special rewards and surprises when the game officially launches. Also, we're currently in open beta for players in the Philippines and Poland. If you are not from those countries but interested in participating in the open beta, reach out to us on our Discord for more info.

Thanks for all the support and for reading our updates. See you in the next one!


Ralf - game director in FERA Games

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