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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Space eXo Colony Update 0.4.0

Hey @everyone! We've just released a new update!

Space eXo Colony - version 0.4.0 is here!

Hey Captains! If you haven't already, update your game to see these changes in-game.

  • UI / UX redesign - We've made our color coding more unified and simpler!

  • Player's first learning path corrected - We've made sure to make things more understandable for new players. This is just a tip of an iceberg, that's something that we will adjust permanently.

  • Red dots - We've added red dot notifications to mark actions that can be done so you don't miss unlockable research, field or a planet!

  • ADs added - We've added ways to double your away income and to get more research points with simple ads. Both are opt-in ads you can choose to watch for a reward.

  • Research balance changed - We've fixed the most problematic bug with costs among a redesign in costs for smoother and nicer progression.

  • Push notifications have been corrected.

  • Bug Fixes - Lots of fixes and adjustments.

Pre-register now for upcoming release at the end of July!

Strap in and prepare for an space colonization. 🚀✨


Ralf from FERA Games

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