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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Update 1.1.0 is live - Space eXo Colony!

🚀 Hello space admirals!

We are happy to reach you as the summer is slowly fading (depends on which planet you are on of course 👩‍🔬), hope you are staying warm and cozy 😍 . For the past few weeks we've been working, we hope, really cool system that will allow you to shoot lasers like there's no tomorrow 🔫 🔫🔫

🚀 With that being said - we've just released a 1.1.0 update! 🌌


Here's what you can expect:

👉 New system - Overdrive - Enjoy overhauled Overdrive system that will allow you to quickly get rid of the debris!

👉 New resource - Nuclear lense - Always wanted to shoot lasers? Well, now you can! Get your lasers overheated and release the heat to deal the massive damage to the debris.

👉 Colonies visual upgrade - Buildings, paths and grasses in the colony have been graphically improved!

👉 30 new researches - 👩‍🔬 4 new research lines have been added 👩‍🔬

👉 Two new languages - Portuguese 🇵🇹 and Russian 🇷🇺

👉 Order changes - 🔢 We've messed around with the orders of planets / mines and researches. This might require you to set up the mines on old planets again. 🔢

👉 Settings have been redesigned - 👷 Enjoy the new menu with easier access to everything you need, including player support! Upgrade settings (10x, 50x) are now global.

👉 Bug Fixes - Saving issue corrected. Lots of fixes and adjustments. 🐛


What's next?

As much as we wanted to release cloud saves and leaderboards (both iOS and Google Play) in this update - we are still being blocked by Google. It is ready on our end, you will see new buttons in Menu which we, sadly, had to lock. We've received an info from their support that this is a global problem and they are swamped with requests from hundred of developers.

We are ready to release an update the day they turn a green light which will include 3 new planets, 2 new technology tiers, cloud save and leaderboards.

🚀✨Space eXo Colony ground control - FERA Games! 🚀✨

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