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Welcome to Space Exo Colony, where you'll take on the role of an admiral for the Xol alien race and set out to colonize planets across the vast Galaxy. Your mission is to strategize and build Energy panels, Oxygen generators, and Food farms to make room for more colonists. But it's not just about construction—hiring Astronauts with their unique abilities is crucial to counter the planet's hostile phenomena. And as you progress, unlock new planets and nuclear technologies through research.


In Space Xolony, you're in charge of making critical decisions. How you allocate your resources and construct vital infrastructure will determine the success of your colonies. Balancing the needs of your colonists and creating space for growth is key..

To overcome the challenges of each planet, you'll recruit skilled Astronauts who bring their own set of abilities to the table. Your Astronauts will play a vital role in ensuring the survival and prosperity of your colonies.

As you explore and advance, you'll unlock research opportunities that open up new planets and groundbreaking nuclear technologies. These discoveries expand your options and empower you to overcome obstacles that were once thought to be impossible.

Space Exo Colony combines strategic planning, resource management, and thrilling exploration. Adapt your strategies to the unique characteristics of each planet, leverage the strengths of your Astronauts, and carefully consider the long-term consequences of your choices. The destiny of the Xol race and the future of the Galaxy rests in your hands.

Get ready for an epic interstellar adventure that will test your skills and shape the course of history. The Galaxy is waiting for your command—will you rise to the challenge and conquer the stars?


Colonization and Buildings

Astronauts and Abilities

Research and Advancement

In Space Exo Colony, you'll experience an engaging and immersive gameplay experience that combines strategic decision-making, resource management, and exploration. As the admiral of the Xol alien race, you'll embark on a mission to colonize planets and ensure the survival and growth of your colonies across the Galaxy.

The main goal is to colonize planets. To make money, you'll need to build energy panels, oxygen generators, and food farms. With the cash you earn, you can upgrade your buildings to better ones that produce more resources.

To counter the planet's hostile phenomena, you can hire skilled Astronauts with unique abilities. These Astronauts play a crucial role in overcoming challenges and protecting your colonies. Strategically assign Astronauts to different tasks and utilize their abilities wisely to maximize your chances of success.

Advancement in Space Exo Colony is achieved through research. Unlocking new technologies and planets is vital to expanding your colonization efforts. Research new scientific discoveries and delve into nuclear technologies to gain an edge in your quest to conquer the Galaxy. Each research breakthrough brings new opportunities and expands your strategic options.


Space Exo Colony requires thoughtful and strategic decision-making. Consider the available resources, the planet's characteristics, and the needs of your Xols when making choices. Balancing energy consumption, oxygen levels, and food production is crucial for maintaining a sustainable and thriving colony. Adapt your strategies to the unique challenges of each planet and devise long-term plans for success.

Exploration and Discovery

As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to explore new planets and uncover their mysteries. Expand your influence across the Galaxy and gain more resources along the way. The exploration aspect adds a sense of wonder and adventure to your journey as you uncover the secrets of the universe.


To ensure the success of our colonization efforts, it is crucial to have a comprehensive range of resources at our disposal.

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Resources play a pivotal role in the continual development and optimization of your colony's infrastructure, as they are essential for upgrading buildings and enhancing their capabilities and efficiency. 



Effective management of currencies is vital to ensure optimal efficiency in colony operations. By implementing prudent strategies, you can maximize the utilization of available resources and maintain a thriving economic ecosystem



Effective management of currencies is vital to ensure optimal efficiency in colony operations. By implementing prudent strategies, you can maximize the utilization of available resources and maintain a thriving economic ecosystem

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The newly unlocked planet serves as the home for your Xols, an indigenous alien species







Assign astronauts to have additional bonuses

Boost your overall colony performance with each unique research features.

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