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About us


Space Exo Colony is a mobile, idle, strategy game where you step into the role of space admiral who leads aliens in planet colonization. Build solar panels, oxygen generators, food farms and upgrade them to make room for alien inhabitants. Extract ores and refine them into resources to research new technology. Unlock possibilities, discover new planets and colonize solar systems!

Space Exo Colony fits into few categories - an idle and a strategy. 

Strategize what to build. Balance the gains of energy, food, oxygen. Upgrade your facilities to produce more. Use your resources to make room for more alien inhabitants. Get constant cash revenue from each alien colonist. Get beautiful Astronauts cards and use their abilities to counter earthquakes, solar winds, eclipses and many more planet's hostile interferences that will try to slow you down. 

Leave your phone idle on the side or just come back after few hours o to amassed resources you can spend to expand your alien empire.

Mine ores and refine them into valuable products. Use them to research projects for new buildings, features and possibilities. 

Journey through space to discover new planets and conquer the galaxy!

Game: O nas
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