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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Update 1.0.3 is live - Space eXo Colony!

🚀 Hello space admirals!

It has been over 2 weeks from official start of the game and we are very happy to announce that we are content with the results! It seems like you guys really enjoy the game which reassures us that it is something worth working on!

🚀 With that being said - we've just released a 1.0.3 update! 🌌


Here's what you can expect:

👉 New planets - 🌍 3 new planets have been added! 🪐

👉 Research ages - 👩‍🔬 2 new research ages have been added! 👩‍🔬

👉 Microchips - New kind of resource is now available. It might be necessary to start producing microchips to advance in further research ages. 💻

👉 Laser cutter - ⚙️ New production station where you can produce microchips! ⚙️

👉 Berylium - ⛰️ New ore and new mines for berylium are waiting to be discovered on new planets.⛰️

👉 Order changes - 🔢 We've messed around with the orders of planets / mines and researches. This might require you to set up the mines on old planets again. 🔢

👉 Production status indicator - 👷 We've added a new icon for production tab, it will nicely indicate whether your production is idle or active.📴

👉 Bug Fixes - Saving issue corrected. Lots of fixes and adjustments. 🐛


What's next?

We wanted to release cloud saves and leaderboards (both iOS and Google Play) in this update, however - both platforms require some time for those services to activate and we didn't want to hold back. We've made the praparations in this update and as soon as those are ready, we will release cloud saves in version 1.0.4!

🚀✨Space eXo Colony ground control - FERA Games! 🚀✨

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