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First Developer Journal

Hey there, Captains!

Welcome to our very first Dev Journal! We're here to share all the exciting stuff we've been working on before we release our game to the public. We've been making all sorts of tweaks and changes to ensure that once the game is fully launched, you'll be able to fully enjoy it. Although some features won't be available right away, we hope they can still bring you some enjoyment.

Before we dive into the juicy details, you can now pre-register on Google Play and the App Store to secure 300 prestigious crystals when the game officially launches. Also, we're currently in open beta for players in the Philippines and Poland. If you are not from these countries and are interested in participating, please reach out to Rain at, our Community Manager.

Let’s begin!


We've had this concept from the beginning, but we've gone ahead and made some enhancements. Imagine tapping that colonize button and witnessing the buildings inside the dome come to life with new animations. Plus, get ready to see Xols landing from spaceships with parachutes.


We've improved the walking animation of the Xols and even added transparent backpacks that show the resources they're mining. You'll be able to tell what they're collecting just by looking at the colors. And guess what? We're not stopping there! We're working on introducing different types and shapes of Xols, thanks to our talented graphics team. We're hoping that you'll love them as much as we do!


Each planet now has its own unique environment. Picture sandy ones, icy ones, and even a planet with flowing lava. Every planet offers a distinct experience that will make you eager to unlock the next one.


We've also added some nifty features to make your gameplay smoother. Check 'em out:

  • Clear upgradeable building sign: You'll now easily spot when a building can be upgraded. No more guesswork!

  • Continuous upgrades: Upgrading buildings is now a breeze. Just hold down the upgrade button for continuous upgrades.

  • Bonus Reward Sign: We've made it crystal clear when you're about to reach a bonus level and what rewards await you.

  • Buttons to change building view: We've made it more convenient for you to keep tabs on your building's progress. Just a couple of clicks and you're there.

Additional features:

We've added extra features to make your gameplay smoother. Here's what's new:

  • Expanded soundtrack: We've added more background music to keep you entertained.

  • Vibration effect: We've added a vibrating effect when you speed up the building unlocking time. Now it's not just fast, it's also a little extra buzz of excitement!

  • Improved layout: To make things even more user-friendly, we've moved the colonize button to the right side of the screen.

Here's what we're cooking up in our development pipeline:

  • Astronaut cards - Strategic placement of these individuals is key, as they have the power to boost nearby buildings.

  • Research tree - Unlock new technologies and possibilities with resources mined from planets like carbon, coal, and diamonds in our research tree that is currently under development.

Thanks for reading our first dev journal! We truly appreciate your support, and we can't wait to bring you more updates soon.

Catch you on the flip side!

FERA Games

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